Internal & External Audits

We believe that audits do not have be an unpleasant experience for your organization. Our staff have broad experience for completing audits in a number of different industry segments. We have certified auditors for the ACSA, MHSA, EnForm, AASP and AFPA Certifying Partners in Alberta.

Benchmark audits can be a useful tool to assess your current status and identify areas that require attention in your safety program. If your company is new to the idea of safety audits, we will ensure that your staff understand the role of safety audits as part of the process. Educating your group will re-enforce your internal safety program and provide staff with more awareness about the importance of safe work procedures.

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What Our Clients Say
Cyndi, Safety Coordinator, Petrotreat

“Tatonga helped us complete our COR. They were very professional and helpful and made an insurmountable task almost enjoyable....”

Peter, President, Heukedal Enterprises Inc.

“The Tatonga team worked around our schedule during a very hectic time for our company. Although the process was long and detailed....”

Lora, HSE Coordinator, Ridgeline

“Tatonga provided us with superior service, they kept to their timelines and really are the best Safety Auditors we have ever worked with....”